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Company Profile

The Kurt Muller (KM) success story relies on its original concept. KM is a European, highly creative and evolving designer label. The whole essence of 
KM relies on a unique and full understanding of fashion and market demands. Constantly offering exclusive cutting edge fashion, yet affordable and 
displayed in a convivial and up market concept store design.

KM also believes that the key to success relies upon the quality of its workforce and employs people who are creative, inspirational, innovative 
and professional.

The KM spirit is also reflected in the ongoing concern for quality and service with regards to the product and the point of sale. We find this instrumental in keeping the loyalty of our customers as well as gaining new clientele.


From prototype to production, it all begins with the inspiration of our design team. Designers are given broad stylistic freedom, but are always encouraged 
never to compromise on quality or in the selection of materials and production techniques. Our dedicated designers travel the globe in search for the 
latest fabrics, selected from the finest mills. The team then continues to oversee quality control in order to ensure that the garments are to the specifications 
and fittings to their original designs.


Only the finest quality yarns are selected for use in production. Predominantly we choose natural organic fibres such as pure cotton, wool, silk and the
finest leather sknis for luxery and comfort.

Most of KM’s current production is outsourced to selected manufacturing companies.
All international logistics operations are centrally managed and carefully controlled. Cutting edge CAD technology is used to create the initial samples
which are then reproduced in bulk at the designated production plants. KM quality control ensures consistently high standards, from design through
to the finished article.


KM prides itself in a quick response to the current fashion trends enabling shorter lead times and ensuring that the season’s latest styles are constantly available in store. With the aid of the latest IT solutions, using EPOS/VPOS technology, the sales analysts and the merchandising team are able to
fulfil each store’s stock replenishment within a 24 hour period.


We want our customers to do more than wear our clothes, they should experience them. This begins the moment they enter our store. That is why
distinctive store concepts have been developed for the KM brand, ensuring optimum merchandise display and hence promoting sales.

Each store is equipped with a fully computerised back office online system with remote access CCTV networked link to head office. This ensures an
immediate response level to any operational, merchandising and security issues.

Every staff member is fully trained to the highest standards of customer care and service. From store manager to sales assistant, each individual is a
dedicated member of the KM culture, deeply passionate about the brand and products and committed to the total success of the company.